Monday, March 30, 2015

Take Aways/Take Ones

Take aways, or “take ones” as I call them, are an important piece of printed material that any clients and potential clients can take with them. You can put these in other establishments who agree to help promote your business. And more than a business card, take ones give a lot of information about your services that won’t fit on a small business card.
Front and back of my “take ones”
I used to print the price of the facial on these cards, but now I don’t. Depending on how many cards you have printed, information like pricing can become outdated yet you still have a lot of materials to give out. Save yourself some money and don’t put anything like price of services on your printed materials.

I have a lot of information on the front of these cards:
  • My logo and my business name, which is my brand
  • Yonka logo, so everyone knows what products I use
  • I talk about my philosophy, which gives a stranger a hint as to how I will take care of his or her skin
  • The facial described and what you’ll get if you come in
  • All salon info (phone & mailing address)
  • Mailorder information. Many people may not know I have this service—or a website, which is listed here along with my email address
  • Salon hours (by appointment)
  • Gift certificates are available (putting an idea in people’s minds)
  • Acknowledging I offer a newsletter
  • Finally, my signature line: healthy skin...for a lifetime, which is also the subtitle to my first book. Another branding opportunity
As you can see, on the front of this card alone I’ve told a potential client many things that will help them decide if they want to come in to see me. It gives a flavor of who I am as an aesthetician as well as what they can expect from the treatment, plus much more.

The back of this card admittedly not everyone can recreate. I am the only aesthetician that I know of who has published two books on skin care, and I utilize this prestigious fact wherever I can. It’s a calling card that is unmistakeably impressive.

You can get creative on the back of your take one cards, the possibilities are endless. However, do not leave this area blank. As long as someone has this card in their hands, you have a golden opportunity to sell yourself and your services.

Here is the Chicago take one in my original green company color, which doesnt really show up well here. Its a softer green.