Tuesday, September 26, 2017

If you use Yonka-Paris skin care, throw a Gommage Party!

The Gommage Party

If any of you are using Yonka-Paris products in your salon(s), having a Gommage Party is a fun, albeit messy, way to get to know some new, potential clients and give them some great skin care advice. As many of you know, the gommage is not the easiest product for a client to use at home, so doing a demonstration and having each guest do the gommage with you is a fun and educational way to get the word out about this product and, of course, your salon.

Towels are essential for this exercise. Normally you would use Gommage over a sink in your home. Here, at the party, towels serve as the sinkin partand keep the mess to a minimum. 

Make sure you have enough towels for everyone. They donhave to be full-sized bath towels, but a wash cloth will not be big enough. Something in between or just use bath towels. I have many older towels I call utility towels that are clean but not in perfect shape. You could go to a thrift store and get bath towels for one or two dollars a piece. A well-worth-it business expenseand tax deductible!
  • Have your guests fold their towels in front of them while they either sit on the floor or in a chair or on a couch
  • Apply Gommage, being careful to be sure everyone uses the correct amount to begin with; you can always add more later on if need be
  • Then start the gommage process (for important details, see Gommage Instructions)
  • When the product starts to come off, that is where the messor perhaps the funbegins
  • Have them gommage onto their towel until the flakes have ceased forming
  • Then you can either one by one have them rinse their faces off in the bathroom or
  • You can provide some of the waterless cleanser (Yonka) and cotton pads for them to remove the residue. I prefer the rinsing-off-with-water method to be sure all of the remaining product is removed
  • Then you can pass the Yonka Lotion spray toners around (have both toners available for those with true-dry or normal to oily skin types)This, too, is a wonderful introduction to a lovely Yonka producttheir toner. In fact, if you decide to not do a full-on Gommage Party, be sure to have the toners available to be passed out during your talk so the guests can get the wonderful aromatics of the Lotions, even if that is all they will be sampling
  • Have samples (or professional sizes to sample from) available of many different moisturizers in the Yonka line for all the different skin types or
  • Perhaps having both the Pamplemousse creams (PS and PNG to cover most skin types) would be a good (and simpler) idea. You wont have to bring many different moisturizer samples (there are so many in the line) and everyone loves the grapefruit aromatic in those creams
  • Have your guests apply the cream of their (although it should be your) choice. They may not put the exact recommended cream on, since you wont be analyzing their skin, but each person can get a whiff of the Yonka aromatic
  • Pass around a Yonka eye treatment cream

And wallahyoure done! Their skin will feel amazing after using Gommage, and you are well on your way to selling products to these ladies going forward as well as seeing them in your new salon. Plus, it was a fun and relaxing way to have potential clients try a new product line. You arent pushing anything on them, they tried the products for themselves and no doubt fell in love. In essence, the products did a lot of the work for you.

Obviously if you dont employ Yonka products in your office, you can substitute with your own product line and find something for your clients to try during the party. No matter what you do or use, get out in front of willing participants so they can meet you and learn about your new business.

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