Friday, April 24, 2015

Product and other information sheets

As you may have read in First-Time Client Information Packets, I always want to give a client as much information as possible before they leave my office, including information about the products I sell. If a particular client doesn’t want the material I have given her, she can disregard it and toss it in the round file. I do try to gauge my client’s level of interest and if I sense someone isn’t curious, I’ll usually ask if they want to be informed. The answer sometimes surprises me (and is a “yes” to information) so I have learned to not guess and simply ask if I’m unsure. Otherwise everyone leaves with samples and information to help them navigate the new products.

Some of the following take-home sheets were printed from my website then reprinted onto colored paper. Other pages were created for specific products. I like to use different colors of paper to distinguish the different information.

When sampling products, something I do with most new clients, if I have prepared pieces about the products (more than is in the product lines brochure), I put those in their take-home packet. These sheets below have information on both sides of the paper about problem skin and the products available as well as instructions on a few items that require special guidance.

Yonka products for problem skinside A
Yonka products for problem skinsideB

Here I have two different products with their information and instructions on each side of the same sheet:

I also like to give my clients repurposed, previously printed pieces to take home. Not something so long it wont get read, but little blurbs from my books or my blog posts to help them better understand something that may be going on with their skin. Below is an information sheet (2 sides) with two different articles on dry vs. dehydrated skinsomething many clients are confused about. Obviously I explain as much as I can during the course of the facial, but I still like to hand my clients something to read so in case they werent able to retain the information I told them during the treatment, theyll have it close by at home.

Finally, I will sometimes reprint something Yonka has sent about product information. Or I will take it from another source in order to reprint it for my clients.

Yonkas eye cream information sheet

Except for this last sheet, and actually it was an oversight, I have all my business information on these sheets. It’s just another opportunity to have this information available for your clients.

My business name and address, phone number, and website
Having information sheets available for your clients is a very easy way to build your relationship and trust with them. I would say that almost every facial I’ve ever received (where the aesthetician didn’t know that I, too, was in skin care) I was not given anything to take home. No samples, no information sheets, not even a brochure about the products she sells. I always leave these businesses shaking my head. Each time a client leaves your salon empty-handed, you have lost an opportunity that you can’t ever get back—unless the client does return for another facial.